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Agenda Cultural CAT

Amb aquesta aplicació podreu visualitzar un recull d’activitats culturals destacades. Més de 1.000 activitats culturals que es realitzen per tot Catalunya i per a cada una de les comarques catalanes. Dades facilitades per la Generalitat de Catalunya. Descarrega’t l’aplicació a la Google Play Store.

Optimizing performance for mobile Adobe AIR apps

CPU or GPU Rendering
GPU can work only with bitmaps. Use cacheAsBitmap and cacheAsBitmapMatrix with vector graphics is a very processor intensive process. Basically means that at every new frame this movieclip has to be converted to bitmap. Try using the draw method of BitmapData. GPU mode makes sense to use it when there is a lot of animated objects moving and interacting with each other across the screen.

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Unzipping files in Android

In the raw folder, of our android project, have a test.zip file to decompress. The control class is the controller of my application.

import android.os.Environment;

import com.plasmik.test.Control;
import com.plasmik.test.R;

public void testRaw()
 // output
 File sdcard = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory();
 String subfolderSd = sdcard.getAbsolutePath() + "/" + Control.getPrefs().folderProject;
 File outputDir = new File (subfolderSd);

 // zip
 File f = new File(subfolderSd+"/test.zip");
 android.content.res.Resources t = Control.getContext().getResources();
 InputStream fis = t.openRawResource(R.raw.test);
 Utils.inputstreamToFile(fis, f);

 ZipHelper.unzip(f, outputDir);
 catch (Exception e) {
 Log.d("control","unzip error: "+e);

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Magic 3D Box Live Wallpaper

3D Live Wallpaper for Android

A Live Wallpaper where we can see inside a paper box, it’s full of life. javierms.com/blog, multimedia developer, presents Magic 3DBox Live Wallpaper.

Panel configuration with multiple options. Themes to choose (snow, forest, beach, night, halloween, city), color box, paper bird, fish, atmospheric effects, shake phone, touch event…

Hope you enjoy!

Lite Version: “Magic 3DBox Lite

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